The Sugarlesse™ Story

In December 2011we were helping out at Caffex’s demonstration table in a Whole Foods Market. Sampling was proceeding apace and along with the compliments came the question from quite a few people: “Are these made with sugar?” After a while June, Caffex’s marketing maven, had had enough and said: “Can you make marshmallows without sugar?”

Yes. There are marshmallows already, made with isomalt, specifically for diabetics. Isomalt is a type of sugar alcohol composed of two simple sugars: glucose and mannitol. A great tasting sweetener that is very similar to sugar, it has one very significant drawback - it can cause gastric distress, including flatulence and diarrhea. It is not advisable to consume more than 1.5 oz a day for adults and 3/4 oz for children, which does limit its usefulness.

With isomalt out of the picture, we developed a better solution: Sugarlesse™, a proprietary blend of GRAS (Generally Accepted as Safe by the FDA) natural sweeteners and flavors.


Why Is Sugarlesse™ Better?

Better than Equal® (aspartame), Splenda® (sucralose), Truvia® (stevia), and others? It is, because:

Sugarlesse™ is the first natural sugar replacer that is:


  • Friendly to You - add exactly the same amount as sugar.
  • Friendly to Your Food - sweetens, cooks, and bakes the same way as sugar.
  • Friendly to Your Palate - has no aftertaste of any kind. 


  • Healthy for you - delivers 25% less calories than sugar.
  • Healthy for your GI - doesn’t cause flatulence and diarrhea.
  • Healthy for Diabetics - its Glycemic Index is 40, significantly lowering your insulin response.


“The sponge cake, baked with the first commercial version of Sugarlesse™, is indistinguishable from the control cake made with regular sugar. Same flavor. Same texture. No aftertaste. No ‘aftereffects.’ An excellent product.”

Gastroplex and independent focus groups:  Andy Debreceni, Steve Kingsley, June Marshall, Sarah Werrin; William Close and members of the Earth Harp Collective 

“Sugarlesse™ ChocoFudge Squares? Pure indulgence. Healthy too. Can’t wish for anything better!”

Kal and Sophie Toth, Chestnut Ridge, NY


Sugarlesse™ is available in 8 and 16 ounce Stay-Fresh retail pouches as well as in bulk. Please call or email us with your question, order, or project proposal. Our phone and fax number is 201 399-4313. We have detailed nutritional, regulatory, recipe and product development information, as well as recipes and online store at Please keep in touch with us on Twitter where we also keep you up to date on the latest developments.


Sugarlesse™ Chocolate Naturals & ChocoFudge Squares

To validate Sugarlesse™ in a commercial product we’ve created Chocolate Naturals and ChocoFudge Squares, a new line of gourmet confectionery. 

They evoke the wholesome goodness and texture of old-style chocolate, before the age of super-refined sugar, that while producing very smooth texture, delivers no health benefits.

They are is the first of many products that will be able to utilize the superior functionality and benefits of Sugarlesse™. 

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