Finally - our self dissolving, eco-friendly pouches bring instant drinks into the 21st century!


Our newly developed instant powder drink and supplement preparation system enables you to truly prepare your instant drink instantly.

It combines three proven, commercially available components in a unique configuration that has never been done before:  

  • Component 1:  Powdered instant protein blends, energy supplements, vanilla shake, chocolate milk - and all other similar products - are packaged in hermetically sealed pouches made of FDA approved, transparent EDIBLE film. 

  • Component 2:   Quick blend shaker bottles, to use both as the retail package that contains the pouches AND a really easy and fun way to make instant drinks instantly. 
  • Component 3:   Clear shrink film sleeve, covering about 80% of the blender bottle’s surface from bottom up, to display brand, graphic, and textual information in a way that leaves plenty of clear area for customers to see the product inside. It also locks and tamper-proofs the shaker. 


Here is how it works. It’s easy, quick, and fun too!

  • Remove the top and put 1 pouch for 8 oz instant drink into the shaker, or 2 pouches for 16 ounces. 
  • Next, fill it with cold or hot water to the 8 or 16 oz mark. Insert the mixer disk and screw the top on tight.
  • Shake till there is no residue left at the bottom or longer - it’s so much fun to watch as the pouch disappears!
  • Drink straight from the shaker or pour into cups. 
  • Enjoy!

We offer a fully developed and tested third generation technology. Please download the product brochure and contact us with any question or proposal at 201-399-4313 or by email.

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