We created a new category, Gourmet Energy Foods, with: CaffeinAll™, Caffex™ Dessert Coffees, and CaffeMallows™ 


Caffeine has a very bitter bite, whether extracted from coffee or produced by synthesis. So we developed CaffeinAll™, the first gourmet caffeine powder that is not bitter when added to your favorite food and only slightly so if sprinkled directly on your tongue. CaffeinAll™ turns every food into an instant energy food.

As a free-flowing powder, it is also very easy to control with the shaker we specified for this purpose, which is an extremely important safety consideration.  

It is also available from Caffex.com and other fine stores online, including Amazon.

Flavor Aging™

Our process seals in the carbon dioxide generated during roasting. This not only protects, but actually enhances the quality of the coffee during storage. Another unique aspect is that air can permeate the beans or the ground coffee, enabling the use of environmentally friendly, less costly packaging.

Since Flavor Aging™  removes the bitter after-tones, brewing always produces a perfectly balanced and smooth drink. Building on this smooth profile we also developed a whole line of dessert coffees: Cappuccino, Latte, Hazelnut, Dark and White Chocolate for use in the French press.


This is a fully developed, tested, and commercially proven process, now available for licensing. So are our dessert coffees for the French press. Download the invention worksheet here and contact us with any question or proposal at 201-399-4313 or by email.


CaffeMallows™ are a special rendition of the ancient art of marshmallows. They are all natural, non-GMO and Kosher delights with double doses of the finest coffee, espresso, mint, and tea extracts, cocoa and cocoa nibs, peppermint leaves, kosher gelatin, sugar, caffeine, vanilla, and other ingredients. We’ve developed six flavors so far, with more in the pipeline.


  • ChocoMallows
  • CoffeeMallows
  • JavaMallows
  • MintMallows
  • MoccaMallows
  • TeaMallows

We designed the single packs and 12-pack Stay-Fresh pouches to keep each mallow fresh and convenient for today’s 24/7, on-the-go lifestyle. And that's on top of 40-60% savings over Starbucks® or similar coffee, chocolate, and tea drinks.

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